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YOBEL Supply Chain Management offers over 45 years of experience and dedicated to the service of process optimization in the supply chain through its business units specialized professionals.

In addition, YOBEL Supply Chain Management is the first company in the South American region to offer service outsourcing in managing supply chains in 13 countries: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru , Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and USA.

Yobel SCM in Puerto Rico

With over 10 years in Puerto Rico, Yobel Supply Chain Management provides services in warehousing, distribution and logistics, some of our clients are Kimberly Clark, Lebel, Adidas and many others. We are consulting experts, we provide services such as plan demands, purchasing analysis, inventory controls and management consulting services, we also work re packaging and promotional packaging.

Yobel SCM Puerto Rico is certified in ISO 9001 entering a stage of high commercial development. We have developed philosophies of continuous improvement based on Lean 6 Sigma and we have established an analysis of cost control that allows us to enlarge the economy and in turn make it competitive to all our customers.

We have a fleet of over 50 trucks and using the latest technology we provide a unique access in its class to monitor all operations from anywhere in the world. Call or write today to request a consultation, you will be amazed with all that Yobel Supply Chain Management can do for your company.

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Yobel SCM

Yobel Supply Chain Management (SCM), or supply chain management, involves all the activities related to the flow of products, information and money from the supplier of supplier up to the clients of customers.

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